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We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Product

Simply put, we thrive on making the quality of JEEBEAN coffee the best possible on the market.

Jeebean – Welcome to the home of JEEBEAN Germany.
We are located in the middle of Germany and our goal is to bring the best possible quality in coffee to you!
No matter if you are looking for the perfect coffee for  your home, for your company, or for your business, the people at JEEBEAN are the right professionals to talk to!

You want Your own customized coffee with Your own label on it? – Just ask us!

We can provide You with the best quality in roasted coffeebeans – and of course we can help You with selecting the most suitable way for  You to get the best out of the coffeebeans!

The following things will have an important impact on how good your coffee or its varistion will be:

  1. The quality of the raw coffee bean
  2. The way it is roasted
  3. The way it is stored
  4. The way you prepare your coffee

We have put the different steps to achieve this goal on our website.
Send us an email or give us a call and tell about Your goals and we will assist You in achieving them!

Our mission is to provide You with the best possible coffee!

As you and we know, almost everybody is claiming to have the best quality in his product, so let us show you on our website why we are 100% right to put this claim on our coffee.

It might sound a bit old fashioned, but we believe in fairness – with our suppliers and with our customers. In that way we get the best result for everyone – and the best quality in coffee for You!
We promise to You to to do our best at every single moment to make sure You get the best possible coffee for Your money!
You want Your own coffee with the label of Your company? Just ask us!

With a selection of over 40 different coffee roasts we have many options for You in stock. And if You want, we can even put up a special roast exclusively for YOU!

We assist You in choosing the right coffeebags and design of Your label etc.

Your own coffee brand is just an email away!

jeebean logo

Coffee for Your home

You are looking for the ultimate coffee experience for Your home?
Just contact us and we will give You a hand in achieving this!

Coffee for Your catering

You are in the catering business? We provide You with the best quality in coffeebeans and assist You in finding the right machines for making coffee. We help You keeping Your customers satisfied!
You are into trade business? No matter if You are running a small shop or a supermarket – we give You exactly the coffee solutions You need – including Your customized coffee with Your own label – powered by JEEBEAN!

JEEBEAN brings the ultimate coffee experience to You!

Our goal is to give You exactly the right coffee and equipment for Your ultimate coffee experience!